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Eric Sulky Ambassador

Eric Sulky Ambassador

Thread Jazz for Quilting & Embellishing, Plus Needle and Thread Know How

Friday, September 2, 2022

Sulky: how it all began!

  • Needle Know How: Why the right type/size needle is important

  • Stabilizers: Which stabilizers to use for quilting

  • Metallic Thread Magic: Tips and hints for success using Sulky Holoshimmer ™, Sulky Sliver ™, and Sulky Original Metallic Threads

  • When to use Polyester thread: Sulky 12 wt and 30 wt Blendables® Thread

  • Learn about Bobbin Thread: When and what type to use

  • Sulky’s Exciting Thread Options: Rayons, PolyDeco™, PolyLite ™, Petites ™, Cotton + Steel Thread by Sulky, and more!

About the Speaker:

Workshops offered by speaker:

Thread Sketching Free Motion Basics/Couching & Creating a Landscape
1 day class

September 2, 2022 at 4:30:00 PM

Learn cursive writing by machine, basic free motion, straight stitching techniques, free motion quilting techniques with different thread types, fill in stitching techniques, and an introduction to thread sketched portraits and pen and ink tangles. The second session teaches members basic raw edge appliqué, layering techniques, machine fed/free motion couching, and creating textured fabrics.



No workshops available

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