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Ruth Ann Berry

Ruth Ann Berry

Isometric Drawing for 3D Quilters

Friday, October 4, 2024

A combination slide show/trunk show to highlight the design process and possibilities of Isometric 3D quilts.

About the Speaker:

Ruth Ann Berry is the author of "Bargello Quilts in Motion", C&T Publishing 2014, "Braided Bargello", C&T Publishing 2017, “Simplified 3D Quilts”, self published 2018, “Stunning 3D Quilts Simplifed”,C&T Publishing 2020, over 50 quilt patterns available at major distributors and designs patterns for fabric companies. She owns and operates a small-town quilt store and online business, the "Quilter's Clinic” and and travels extensively to exhibit and teach at guilds and festivals.


Workshops offered by speaker:


October 4, 2024 at 5:00:00 PM

Use a combination of triangles and measured strips to create the illusion of 3D.



No workshops available

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