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Trisch Price

Trisch Price

Making the Most of Negative Space

Friday, June 7, 2024

Are you trying to figure out what negative space is other than lots of fabric that needs to be quilted? This lecture will define what negative space is and give you ideas on how to utilize negative space in your quilts thru piecing. Six different methods for applying negative space will be presented. Many quilts are shown to demonstrate each of the techniques.

About the Speaker:

Trisch started quilting in the early 1990’s when she was working during the day as a software engineer and attending graduate school at night. With technology seemingly taking over her life, she was in need of a low-tech diversion. Trisch started making contemporary and art quilts. Around 2005, Modern quilting took over her studio. Since then she has written two books: Accentuate the Negative and Tree of Life Quilts. She also has a pattern company, Everyday Stitches, that she co-owns with Jenifer Dick.

She lives in Overland Park, Kansas with her husband and three children. She is a member of the Kansas City Modern Quilt Guild. She speaks to guilds and teaches workshops. Her patterns can be found at


Workshops offered by speaker:

Designing with Negative Form

June 8, 2024 at 5:00:00 PM

This is a design workshop. Each person will bring their own idea for a negative form (I will provide standard forms as well). You will work on several ways to design around the form. Each person will leave with a one-of-a-kind completed design for their own quilt and ideas on how to execute it.



Petrified Wood

June 7, 2024 at 5:00:00 PM

You will begin working to compose the Petrified Wood quilt. You will learn how to:

- utilize gradations for effective shadowing;

- freeform cut the circles used in the quilt;

- finish edges and machine appliqué.

You will then start the machine quilting and learn how to construct the final quilt.



No workshops available

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