Community Service

Since 1988 Block Party members have been making quilts for the children staying at the Seattle Ronald McDonald House while being treated at Seattle Children’s Hospital. In that time BPQ members have donated more than 7000 quilts! And in recent years the guild added homemade pillowcases to the charity. In addition, BPQ member, Linda Hunnell, and her elves, provide holiday cheer by making festive stockings for all the kids at the Ronald McDonald House.

Because of the amazing member support, BPQ added Eastside Baby Corner and Evergreen Hospice to our charity list. Plus, we supple pillowcases to the YWCA Issaquah Highlands, for their “Welcome Baskets.”


We thank everyone who participates in making our charity efforts such an amazing success! Without the time, love and materials donated we would not be able to provide the number of quilts and pillowcases to as many well-deserved families and individuals.

We welcome all BPQ members to participate in our charitable efforts. We also invite members to join our “Big Heart” Charity Group. Meetings are normally held monthly and will be announced via the newsletter, at General Meeting, and via individual email. Contact the Charity Team if interested or if you have ANY questions,

The following information will provide you with everything you need to help guide you in making a BPQ Charity Quilt. We appreciate your support in making our charity efforts successful.

Information & Requirements: 

The following is a guideline to provide you with information that will help in making your Charity Quilt. BPQ does provide ready-made quilts kits that include material for the tops, backing, batting, binding and a label to be sewn on the back of the quilt. Besides the kits we normally have a large supply of pieced tops that have been paired with backings and batting. These need to be quilted either by longarm, domestic machine, or hand tied. You are welcome to use your own materials if so desired, but we truly appreciate your consideration in using one of our ready-made kits, this will help in keeping our inventory and storage down to a minimum. Our goal is to deliver quilts to our charities not to store kits! If adding or using your own materials, please follow the required materials and sizes listed below. We appreciate any useable material not used from kits returned to Charity. We also appreciate any appropriate ½ yd pieces or more material and fabric panel donations as long as they meet the material requirements.

The requirements have been set by the charities themselves, many for medical reasons and by BPQ.  BPQ Charity team will keep you informed of any changes. It is important to honor the requirements, so your time has been well spent and your quilt donation used. 

Charity Quilt Size Requirements:

If using a BPQ Quilt Kit please make the Quilt size written on the label provided kit or if using your own materials please follow the size chart below.

Approx. Sizes:                     Babies (Newborn to age 5)  36 x 48

                                             Children  (Ages 6 to 12)  48 x 60

                                             Teenagers & young adults:   (Ages 13 to 23)  60 x 72 

                                             Adult: 60 x 72  (Evergreen Hospice) 

RMD is in need of Teenage and Young Adults (60 x 72) especially “male” themed but not exclusively.    Eastside Baby Corner is in need quilts for older children 10-12 (48 x 60) especially “male” themed but not exclusively.  Evergreen Hospice appreciates Red/White/ Blue for our Veterans but not exclusively.


Materials:                                           ALL Fabrics need to be pre-washed

Soft fabrics that feel good to the skin such as preferred Cotton. Flannel and fleece can used but will go directly to Hospice or Eastside Baby Corner, due to shedding problems. RMD does not take fleece/Minky or flannel!  All materials need to withstand many many washings! Needs to be pre-washed!!!


Eastside Baby Corner and Hospice will take non-religious holiday fabric but NO BONES, SKELTONS, or SKULLS.


No fabrics with metallic in the print

NO religious themed materials. Very limited dark colors: THINK CHEERY!

Backing: Cotton, good quality flannel & fleece can be used as long as it does not shed or pill after pre-washing and will going to Eastside Baby Corner or Hospice.

Batting: Cotton or Poly blends

Thread: Cotton or Poly (no metallic or clear poly threads)

Quilting requirements:  The quilting can be done on a longarm, domestic machine, hand or hand tied.


Machine Quilting: No further apart than 3 inches, no loose threads.


Hand Tied: No further apart than 3 inches. Tied in knot with good sturdy thread such as crochet thread. Tails cut to less than an inch in length.

Binding: Binding need to be sturdy and can withstand many washings. Sewn on tightly so fingers can not get between stitches nor binding come loose. Please double check that machine sewn binding, on both sides) has been caught in the stitch line.  ***All quilts need to be clean and free of loose threads and animal hair. When machine binding, please check the seams that all the binding is catch in the seams, no holes for tiny fingers to get into. We have had some issues with this in the past. Only use 100% cotton binding material.

Thank you for all your support!

The Charity Team

"Wes had been life flighted twice in two weeks.  His exhausted family was given the opportunity to stay at McDonald house when his stay stretched to weeks.  Imagine how lifted his family felt when they were escorted to the quilt room and told to pick any one they wanted for Wes.  What a sweet and moving gift. Here he is in the hospital bed snuggled under his new quilt.  Suddenly the room feels more homey.  Thank you for this sweet gift.  We hope that someday very soon he will go home and he will take this loving treasure with him.  Thank you!"