Quilt Show

Covid Statement 9/17/2021:

BPQ will follow all current guidance and mandates for event safety in effect at the time of the show, and as provided by all relevant entities including Issaquah Community Center, King County Public Health, Washington State, and federal authorities.


Currently Washington State mandates masks indoors regardless of vaccination status.  As of October 25th, King County will require either proof of vaccination or a negative Covid test within 72 hours for entry to the event, which means we will be checking for proof of vaccination or a negative pcr test at the door. More info on the Vaccine Mandate can be found here:


Please continue to check this space for the latest information on Covid protocols in King County prior to attending the show.

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Block Party Quilters 35th Annual Quilt Show

Friday, November 12th - Sunday, November 14th 2021 
Hours:  Friday and Saturday 10AM - 5 PM
Sunday 10 AM - 4 PM

Admission $8

Issaquah Community Center 

301 Rainier Boulevard South

Issaquah, WA  

Map to the Community Center


Come see the beautiful Quilts!

Shop at our wonderful vendors and our boutique.

Featured Artist - Eileen Zube

Quilt Show Flyer - PDF

Vendor List - PDF

See you there!


Featured Artist

I think quilting has been in my blood since infancy. I know creativity has been with me all the time I was growing up. I had amazing role models in my Grandmother and Mom who both were intensely creative in numerous ways. I have dabbled in many forms of quilting and I find that my favorite is applique. I am interested in all types of applique from needle turn to back basting to freezer turn to raw edge. My excitement for new projects is palpable. I always have dozens of new projects waiting in the wings in great anticipation. There just are not enough hours in every day, but I manage. I was able to finish 24 complex quilts during the current pandemic and hope to finish many more in the months to come. I am always open to growth and learning. And it’s fun to always try new endeavors. Quilting is my passion, and I am happy to share that passion with you. 

To see more of Eileen's beautiful quilts visit Robert and Eileen Zube's Zubeum of Art at

Baltimore Halloween Quilt
Baltimore Halloween Quilt

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California Poppy Quilt
California Poppy Quilt

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The Maze Quilt
The Maze Quilt

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Baltimore Halloween Quilt
Baltimore Halloween Quilt

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If you are interested in being a vendor at the 2021 BPQ Quilt Show, please click below for more information.


Gallery for 2019 Quilt Show Winners

Small Pieced 1st Place

Small Pieced 1st Place

Wonderful Flowers Made by: Ruth N.

Small Pieced 2nd Place

Small Pieced 2nd Place

Ada's Fox Made by: Wendi P.

Small Pieced 3rd Place

Small Pieced 3rd Place

One Block Wonder Made by: Ann H.

Medium Pieced 1st Place

Medium Pieced 1st Place

Amsterdam Blues Made by: Eileen L.

Medium Pieced 2nd Place - Tie

Medium Pieced 2nd Place - Tie

Misty Pines Made by: Chris P.

Medium Pieced 2nd Place - Tie

Medium Pieced 2nd Place - Tie

Pride & Joy Medallion Made by: Ann H.

Large Pieced 1st Place

Large Pieced 1st Place

Feathered Halo Made by: Sue B.

Large Pieced 2nd Place

Large Pieced 2nd Place

My Catch Me If You Can Quilt Made by: Colleen B.

Large Pieced 3rd Place

Large Pieced 3rd Place

"Paper What?" Made by: Linda S.

Small Group Mixed Techniques 1st Place

Small Group Mixed Techniques 1st Place

Sphen and Magic Made by: Trish G.

Small Group Mixed Techniques 2nd Place

Small Group Mixed Techniques 2nd Place

Simple Pleasures Made by: Barbara C.

Small Group Mixed Techniques 3rd Place

Small Group Mixed Techniques 3rd Place

Waves Made by: Lauren C.

Mixed Techniques  1st Place

Mixed Techniques 1st Place

Bird Explorations Made by: Colleen B.

Mixed Techniques  2nd Place

Mixed Techniques 2nd Place

The Splendid Sampler Made by: Ann H.

Mixed Techniques  3rd Place

Mixed Techniques 3rd Place

Bubblicious Made by: Arlette W.

Art/ Innovative  1st Place

Art/ Innovative 1st Place

Visions in Outer Space Made by: Arlette W.

Art/ Innovative  2nd Place

Art/ Innovative 2nd Place

Floral Positive/Negative Made by: Arlette W.

Art/ Innovative  3rd Place

Art/ Innovative 3rd Place

Star Dash Bang Dot Dot Dot Made by: Liz G.

Workshop Art  1st Place Tie

Workshop Art 1st Place Tie

Capricious Carp Made by: Vivian B.

Workshop Art  1st Place Tie

Workshop Art 1st Place Tie

Sapphire Butterfly Made by: Arlette W.

Workshop Art  2nd Place

Workshop Art 2nd Place

A Nice Cuppa Tea Made by: Trish G.

Home Accessory/Wearable  1st Place

Home Accessory/Wearable 1st Place

Young Girls Spring Parasols Made by: Denise L.

Home Accessary/Wearable  2nd Place

Home Accessary/Wearable 2nd Place

Doll Ladies Made by: Doll Ladies

Home Accessory/Wearable  3rd Place

Home Accessory/Wearable 3rd Place

My Big Bag Made by: Wendi P.

Viewer's Choice & Applique 1st Place

Viewer's Choice & Applique 1st Place

Roseville Album Made by: Pat C.

Applique  2nd Place

Applique 2nd Place

Aspen Forest Made By: Joann M.

Modern/Wholecloth  1st Place

Modern/Wholecloth 1st Place

Bright Fibonacci Made by: Arlette W.

Modern/Wholecloth  2nd Place

Modern/Wholecloth 2nd Place

Seattle Nightscape Made by: Ginny J.

Juvenile/Baby  1st Place

Juvenile/Baby 1st Place

Piggies for Elliott Made by: Wendi P.

Juvenile/Baby  2nd Place

Juvenile/Baby 2nd Place

Elephant at Sunrise Made by: Ginny J.

Juvenile/Baby  3rd Place

Juvenile/Baby 3rd Place

Under the Sea in 3D Made By: Shirley A.

Miniature  1st Place

Miniature 1st Place

Sometimes Smaller is Better Made by: Laurie S.

Seasonal/Holiday/Patriotic  1st Place

Seasonal/Holiday/Patriotic 1st Place

Christmas Dreams Made by: Linda S.

Seasonal/Holiday/Patriotic 2nd Place

Seasonal/Holiday/Patriotic 2nd Place

Midnight Silhouette Made by: Jenny S.

Seasonal/Holiday/Patriotic  3rd Place

Seasonal/Holiday/Patriotic 3rd Place

Broomhilda's Bakery Made By: Peg D.

Quilt Challenge  1st Place

Quilt Challenge 1st Place

Celtic Crane Made by: Joann M.

Quilt Challenge  2nd Place

Quilt Challenge 2nd Place

Back to My Roots Made By: Peg D.

Quilt Challenge  3rd Place

Quilt Challenge 3rd Place

Building Blocks of Childhood Made by: Cheryl C.