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Eleanor Levie

Eleanor Levie

Rock Your Quilting

Friday, June 5, 2020

Wowza. Look what you can make. Elly’s trunk show features lots and lots of quilts and quilted accessories, showcasing a dozen different and unconventional ways to inject originality and unique style into YOUR quilting. From designing new blocks, to adding unusual materials, techniques, and embellishments, to personalizing gifts with names or monograms, you'll discover how to put your own personal stamp on everything you do. (this will be trunk show only, with LOTS of items passed around)

About the Speaker:

Though born and raised in Baltimore, MD, Elly's personality is less Baltimore Album and more Crazy Quilt. That being said, she's got a professional Eleanor persona: From 1978 until 2012, she authored, edited, and produced books and magazines featuring needlework, crafts, and most of all, quilts. In every publication, she takes pride in her inspiring offerings, and her clear, accurate directions. Most of her quilt books feature designs by today's top quilters in addition to her own. Readers rave about the wide range of signature styles, the something-for-everyone appeal of Quilt Blocks Go Wild!, Unforgettable TOTE BAGS, Skinny Quilts & Table Runners I and II, and more. Previously, Elly produced eight volumes of the Rodale’s Successful Quilting Library series, authored Great Little Quilts, Country Living's Country Quilts. American Quiltmaking: 1970-2000 is her quilt history providing backstories of larger-than-life modern pioneers, and tons of great photos. She offers patterns on, under the "shop" name EllyLdesigns, and on her website under the free & fun link.

Lucky to have learned from the experts while she edits their books and chapters, Elly enjoys creating quilts and quilted accessories that are eclectic and eccentric. Sharing her exciting collection of antique, vintage, and art quilts, she loves getting beginning and experienced quilters to s-t-r-e-t-c-h, to try something new, to push the envelope, to quilt outside the box. Participants at Elly's workshops get guidance and encouragement to create totally unique and original projects they love showing off--never a copy-cat, cookie cutter outcome.

Going outside the box herself, Eleanor is an evolving art quilter, concentrating on compositions with unusual, recycled materials, and with paint as well as stitch.

She founded and maintains an online gallery at, where quilters of all skill levels can submit work that celebrates our democratic values.

Home is Center City Philadelphia, where she and her husband can walk to all manner of restaurants and cultural experiences. Son Sam and daughter-in-law Bev are off saving the world.

Workshops offered by speaker:

Weave a Quilt with Me

June 6, 2020 at 5:00:00 PM

NO SEWING MACHINES needed, only a spirit of adventure! In this playful workshop, you’ll create artful weavings of fabric strips and ribbons, audition sequences and arrange blocks in a row to make a Skinny quilt/table runner, wall hanging, album cover, pillow top, Christmas stocking, or project of any size. Along the way, I'll help you develop a sense of design and com position, value and color, movement and shape, balance and rhythm to kick your artistry up several notches. I'll share lots of materials and tips on quick and easy ways to sandwich, quilt, and finish the edges of your tapestry after you get home.

Note on fabrics: while you can bring a bin of scrap fabrics, a jelly roll, etc, Elly suggests you start with a need, e.g. a table runner to go in your dining room, or a couple of pillows needed to spruce up a sofa, or a giant tote to carry your quilts in progress, or a landscape that cries for an additional woven border. This helps you bring together a color palette for the project.



Hello, It’s Me: Banners to Celebrate

June 5, 2020 at 5:00:00 PM

Felt makes it quick and easy, ribbon or rickrack adds “kickiness.” YOU design the sign, choosing colors and print fabric to match the space, and customizing the size and the style and lettering. What could be more unique and fun?



No workshops available

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