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Krista Moser

Krista Moser

Diamonds are a Quilters Best Friend

Friday, January 3, 2020

Tired of squares and rectangles? ...Well, you’re in luck, because diamonds are a quilter’s best friend!

Come hear from Krista all the tips and tricks for cutting and piecing diamonds, triangles and hexagons in an easy, fast, and precise way. If you have been wanting to break out of the same old quilting routine and try something different, this presentation will inspire confidence and equip you with new techniques. She will touch on color theory and the importance of color placement; how to conquer the color mountain in an approachable way.

Krista accompanies her lecture with a trunk show.

About the Speaker:

Krista Moser is the creative force and inspiration behind The Quilted Life. A quilting and fiber arts enthusiast, she started sewing at 8 years old sneaking off to the sewing machine during her Mom's nap time. Since she couldn’t read patterns, everything was made from her imagination propelling the creativity and the innovative design she is known for today. She began her professional sewing and machine quilting career at the spunky age of fourteen adding the texture and dimension machine quilting brings to every project.

She has been teaching sewing and quilting lessons for more than twenty years. Her work has been featured in quilting magazines, published by Martingale Press, and hung in prominent quilt shops around the country.

It's probably genetic ;-) and the Grandma's would be proud. 

What a life, this Quilted Life is, and what a joy to share the journey!

Workshops offered by speaker:

No workshops available

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