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Small Group Policy


The following policy sets forth the criteria for small groups to be affiliated with Block Party Quilters and to identify with BPQ’s non-profit 501(c) 3 status.

Definition: In order to take advantage of certain non-profit benefits, new and existing small groups may affiliate with BPQ. Small groups may include a mix of BPQ members and non-members, but more than 50% must be active BPQ members to claim the benefits of small-group affiliation.

Requirements: Greater than 50% of the small group members must maintain active BPQ membership status. The group must provide all required information annually using the Small Group Application form. This information once verified will be read into BPQ’s board meeting minutes and unless otherwise requested by the small group, will be posted in the members-only section of the BPQ website.

Small groups where 50% or fewer members maintain active BPQ membership status are ineligible to claim benefits of small-group affiliation.

Small groups that are in the process of forming and wish to use BPQ’s website, newsletter and general meetings to invite new members are welcome to do so. These groups will be indicated as “newly forming” and will not need to follow the application/certification process to advertise for members.

Benefits: Small groups affiliated with BPQ can utilize its non-profit status to access retreat locations, church facilities, etc. Small groups may also recruit additional members and announce special events through notices in BPQ’s various forums (website, newsletter, meetings).


  1. Any new or existing small group may present the above information annually to the BPQ Vice President who will validate the required >50% are current BPQ members.

  2. Once validated, the BPQ Vice President will

    1. Read into the minutes of the next BPQ Board meeting that the small group has been approved as meeting the small group policy and may use BPQ’s non-profit status as appropriate.

    2. Forward the required information to the BPQ Website Chair for inclusion on the website, unless the small group has requested privacy.

Responsibilities: Small groups and their members bear all legal, regulatory, tax and financial responsibility for their activities. Except as they may be held in conjunction with and as a part of BPQ sponsored activities or when serving as a subcommittee, BPQ’s insurance does not cover small group activities. All contracts entered into by a small group are signed by a representative of the small group and not by BPQ.

rev. 3  Updated April 18.2013

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